Student Projects

In the context of our current research and different types of cooperation (e.g., with other chairs and institutes), our group offers a wide range of possibilities to write bachelor or master theses as well as seminar papers in the area of modeling and simulation (M&S). The concrete topics are usually related to our research interests and will be arranged with the students individually to suit the desired type of work. There is also the chance to come with own ideas for topics. As M&S is used by many companies, we also offer the possibility to conduct projects in cooperation with an external partner. If you are interested in further information, please contact us! Some current topics can be found here.

Offers for student assistants

Our group is always looking for motivated students to work on projects based on our research topics and projects. We are offering different types of tasks like programming tasks, mathematical tasks, and application-oriented tasks, which can be executed in cooperation, e.g., with the Max Planck Institute For Demographic Research or with cell biologists. Thus, we do not only welcome computer science students, but also students of other fields.

If you are interested, send us an e-mail or visit us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We offer:

  • cooperation with a motivated team
  • suitable supervision
  • possibility to work on an open source project
  • experience with modern software development tools, e.g. distributed source control management, issue-management, build-management, etc.
  • international internships, e.g., in Birmingham, Trento, Pittsburgh, Singapur, and Edinburgh

(from left to right):

Syntax Matters

Max K. : There exists a plethora of modeling languages to describe systems. However, how easy are these languages to use and how do they help me to understand a system of interest? To answer these questions, I am developing a tool and conducting a user study as a student assistant.

No Free Lunch

David B. : The more expressive a modeling language gets, the more expensive is the execution of models that are specified in this language. In my master thesis, I am developing an algorithm that facilitates an efficient execution of a certain class of models specified in a powerful and expressive modeling language.

Mission Impossible

Sebastian P. : Existing demographic models are often too abstract to actually predict population dynamics. The development of detailed, agent-based models is however a complex process, which requires a lot of considerations and computations. During my internship at the Max-Planck-Institute for Demographic Research and in the modeling and simulation group, I am implementing a user interface that is supposed to support demographers in the development of valid and complex demographic models. 

100 Years of Loneliness

Caro Z.: Mitochondria are the power plants of cells. These power plants form networks, the structure of which is constantly changing and which play a crucial role in the aging process of organisms. I am developing a model that addresses the question, how the structure and efficiency of mitochondrial networks can be influenced. Additionally, I am evaluating the modeling and execution methods, which have been developed in the working group.  

To Fish or not to Fish

Maria P. : The weight of the cods in the Baltic Sea has drastically decreased during the last years. Are the older fishes (scouts) missing, which can help the other cods based on their experience in hunger periods? In my master thesis, I am examining, based on an agent-based model, the role of these scouts as well as external factors, such as inflow of salt water into the Baltic Sea and the infestation of the cod by parasites

The Limits of my Language

Oliver R. : Compact, declarative, and sufficiently expressive modeling languages are needed to develop agent-based models and enable a more simply reproduction of simulation results. In my master thesis, I design a modeling language for demography and implement a parser and simulator for the language. Furthermore, I analyze the properties of the language and simulator formally.