Research project BAPS

Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies : Transforming Simulation Models of Human Migration

BAPS is led by Dr Jakub Bijak, University of Southampton.

Further team members are:

The aim of BAPS is to develop a ground-breaking simulation model of international migration, based on a population of intelligent, cognitive agents, their social networks and institutions, all interacting with one another. The project aims to transform the study of migration – one of the most uncertain population processes and a top-priority policy area – by offering a step change in the way it can be understood, predicted, and managed. In this way, BAPS will effectively integrate behavioural and social theory with modelling.

The role of Rostock as team member is to advise and help developing state of the art computational methods for the migration model and refining methods based on the concrete challenges as part of the DFG project MoSiLLDe.

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