Eric Büchner


I work on tools to visualize ML-Rules simulation results. The aim is to enable the user to evaluate and interpret results in a simple and intuitive manner.

Felix Hauptmann

My job it to visualize data given by a variety of particle simulations.

I use OpenGL libraries to draw particles as spheroids in a three-dimensional space and provide a controllable camera to move through the scenes. In the future it'll be possible to record each visualization and save them as a file. Another planned feature is the tracking of individual particles to simplify following their paths and observing their behavior.

Elisa Krummrich


I am working on an overview of the influence of electric and magnetic stimulation on biochemical processes of human cells. Therefore, I analyze, organize and categorize literature. It is our goal to get a simulation model of cells in an electric field to predict the behavior of cells.


Tom Meyer

I work on the development of the software for the modeling language ML3. That includes, for example, implementing the type system and type checking, runtime code generation to speed up the simulation, and the extension of the simulator to include new language features.

Alina Schubert


I am working on models of biological systems, e.g., the cell membrane, that are based on reaction equations and that are influenced by electromagnetic fields. Therefore, I refer to existing models and try to expand them in order to include electromagnetic fields. I also summarize modeling languages and simulation tools.