During our research work we develop software prototypes, in which we implement new methods, algorithms, and user interfaces. We publish the source code of our software under free licenses and make reusable implementations publicly available as libraries.



Current Software Projects


ML-Rules is a modeling language for multi-level cell-biological models.



ML3 is a modeling language for agent-based demographic models



SESSL is an experiment specification language, that can be used with ML-Rules and ML3, for example



Finished Software Projects


Our group has been working on the general modeling and simulation framework JAMES II (JAva-based Multipurpose Environment for Simulation II) for many years. Meanwhile, this open source project is hosted at Bitbucket so that every interested developer can contribute to the project. For further information, visit the project site of JAMES II:

Further Projects

  • MicMac / MicCore: a specialized M&S software to simulate multi-state demographic micro models, based on JAMES II
  • P3J: a tool for probabilistic population projections, based on JAMES II