The project proposal Efficient Simulation of Cell-Biological Multi-Level Models (ESCeMMo) has been granted by the DFG, which allows ESCeMMo to continue for further 3 years.

The aim of the research project ESCeMMo (Efficient Simulation of Cellbiological Multi-Level Models) is to develop more efficient execution strategies that take properties and requirements of expressive multilevel languages into account. As not all models will equally use the full set of features offered by expressive languages, tailored simulators that exploit specific constraints for more efficient simulation shall automatically be selected and applied. Multi-algorithm approaches shall be developed, which comprise an effective partitioning into submodels, and the selection and synchronization of suitable simulators. Model decomposition as well as functional decomposition strategies shall be explored, for more effectively parallelizing single and multiple simulation runs. This research will be based on ML-Rules, an expressive rule-based language for multi-level modeling and simulation in cell biology. The developed methods will be evaluated by performance studies and a simulation study on mitochondria. The latter will also exploit central features of the modeling language. The results of the project will add to the efficiency of simulating multi-level models, enrich the portfolio of execution methods for expressive modeling languages, and will increase their applicability for answering cell biological research questions.

The cell biological application will be done in close cooperation with Prof.Dr. Simone Baltrusch, Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Rostock.

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