Students' elevator seminar

At the 15th of November 2017, computer science students of the modeling and simulation group presented their current research work in 5 minutes talks plus 5 additional minutes for questioning. The topics of these "elevator talks" ranged from methods for more efficient simulation, support of modeling, to methods to facilitate experimenting with models. The students who gave the talks are currently working as student assistants in research projects, or on a bachelor's or master's thesis at the modeling and simulation group, and vary between undergraduate students being in the 3rd semester of computer science to graduate students currently completing their master's degree. The goal of the seminar was to rehearse short, structured and informative research talks, to inform each other about current research at the modeling and simulation group, to locate the own research in the broader field and to get to know each other better. The, according to spontaneous feedback of participants, very successful seminar was concluded by an informal get-together that also included a delicious buffet.

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